Facebook being nicer with Safari Power PC?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rjcalifornia, Nov 18, 2012.

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    So, I have this iMac G4 700. I love it, it looks cool, I do most of my picture editing there with Photoshop CS3. However when I was using TenFour or Firefox, Facebook was so slow...

    Today for some reason I gave Safari a shot, and it was faster, very fast. Even when I was looking at pictures, pages and uploading pictures, it was fast.

    Is Facebook being nicer with Safari Power PC on your end?
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    Facebook is a Javascript intensive site. Processing JS takes some time and CPU power. Since T4Fx and Aurorafox don't use the standard Mozilla JS engines (they can't) and things are a bit hodgepodge it slows them down. I don't care for Safari for a lot of other reasons so I don't use it with FB.

    There are ways to mitigate the slowness with T4Fx, Firefox, or Aurorafox (and even Sea Monkey). I use the following plugins. AdBlockPlus, ABP with Element Hider, NoScript, Request Policy, Bettercache and Stylish.

    NoScript kills off the JS I don't want running. Request Policy blocks traffic between domains FB communicates with that I don't want. ABP kills ads (which also slow things down a lot). ABP with the element hider allows me to kill certain elements I don't want on the page. For instance, I have eliminated the chat box and the picture box that shows who is on chat. I don't chat on FB so all this does is slow things down and annoy me. Bettercache allows me to cache FB for faster loading. There are also some text/image/JS functions you can plug into Bettercache that speed things up as well.

    Lastly, there is Stylish. Stylish is a CSS addon that allows me to use an arrange of styles for just about any site. I have a style from userstyles.org that has a completely black theme with a background pic of my choosing (I modified the style a bit) and this style also eliminates ads.

    All of that goes a long way to improving speed.

    To speak more directly to your question, yeah it's somewhat faster but you are losing the ability to do certain things, like kill ads. You can use Glimmerblocker with Safari (which is a System Preference pane) but it doesn't kill everything.

    For a faster experience you might want to look into Fluid. The cool thing about Fluid is that it's site specific. You can tell it to generate a site just for FB and it spits out an app that only loads FB. The other cool thing about that is that you can use User Javascript with Fluid and since userstyles.org has alternate user JS code for it's styles you can still use styles in the app as you would with the Mozilla browsers and Stylish. That lets me kill ads in the Fluid app because I use the user JS code from the FB style I mentioned earlier.

    Here is how FB looks to me with all this applied. My Fluid app is the same.

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    Nov 18, 2012
    I use Camino and Facebook works extremely well on it.
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    Fluid doesn't want to work under Tiger. I use it on my ibook G4 (Leopard)

    You sir, are very impressive. I would to see the advices you gave above in the forum sticky.

    Ok, now, comparing Fluid with Safari, well they work the same. Fast loading even with ads and such. I'm impressed.

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