Facebook hasn't worked for me, and no customer service

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dontwalkhand, Oct 9, 2012.

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    You got to love services with absolutely zero customer service whatsoever. There literally is nothing I can do at this point. I changed the email to 700 other email addresses that I FOR SURE KNOW work, but unfortunately, I never get the confirmation email to go on. Switched the email from @iCloud to @me to @hotmail to @gmail and NONE WILL WORK. Facebook just refuses to ACTUALLY SEND OUT the confirmation emails. I have tried to email their non-existant support team but to no avail either.

    I used to have a Facebook that I deleted, and they really kept wanting me to activate that one, but I didn't want to. So I created a new one, and now I am stuck here. I don't get how a service can have so many problems?

    Oh, also try to click the help link? You now still only get this page. Isn't that just great? Screw you Zuckerburg!
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    It's not like Facebook has a call center for the 1 billion+ people that use their website; not to mention it's a free service.. Thorough customer service should not be expected for anything free..

    Try creating a gmail address.. Gmail seems to work best for me & confirmation emails. I had a hotmail account that wouldn't receive a verification for a forum I was trying to join but then I signed up for gmail and it worked.

    Also, this may seem basic and dumb, but check your junk/spam folder; it could have filtered it into there instead of your normal inbox.

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