Facebook Introduces Native GIF Support in Comments on iOS

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    Facebook is today rolling out a long-awaited feature within its iOS app, which will allow users to post GIFs directly into comments using a native GIF button. To share a GIF, users will find the button sitting next to the emoji button in the text field of the Facebook comment window, and from there they can search for a GIF by typing, horizontally scroll through the results, and tap to share.


    The new feature will be fueled by Facebook's GIF partners, which already power GIF search abilities in Facebook Messenger, including Tenor, Giphy, Disney, and more.

    The company said that the update is in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the GIF format, which was created by Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. The celebration will also include exclusive GIFs in collaboration with popular service GIPHY, and a user survey that will appear on Facebook's feed that intends to put to rest the GIF pronunciation debate once and for all. In 2013, Wilhite said the word is pronounced with a soft g, or "JIF," but many users continue to use the hard g alternative.

    Facebook said that GIFs in comments will debut today "for all people on Facebook globally," so it should begin appearing across mobile devices and on the web soon. Facebook is available to download on the iOS App Store for free [Direct Link].

    Article Link: Facebook Introduces Native GIF Support in Comments on iOS
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    STILL waiting on the color backgrounds that ALL iOS users are "suppose" to have. Which I don't STILL. All my friends that use the iOS app have this feature but me. And they decide to add NEW feature while other features still haven't dropped? WOW Facebook just wow.....
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    holy crap this is huge, guys. /s

    so weird that FB and even Apple Photos are just getting gif support now. i've been working with them for literally twenty years.
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    Memes on Facebook is even more of a boring concept than 9gag after the short time it had been reasonably dank.

    Either way, don't let your memes be dreams, friends.

    Glassed Silver:ios
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    GIF = "Graphics Interchange Format", pronounced "GHIF"
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    Kind of like I say mee mee. Not meem. And I don’t care what ppl say! :D
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    I still waiting for Facebook to fix the screen resolution for my Pro 12.9. It's only been a year and half.

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