Facebook Messenger Adds New Admin Privileges Amid Backlash Over Company's Mishandling of User Data

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    My fear is as Apple changes from primary a hardware company to a software and service provider that Apple’s commitments to privacy will also change. There is obviously a lot of money to be made by collecting and selling other people’s browsing patterns.
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    Honestly, I haven't noticed this, and actually went back through my emails of my monthly bills to verify. All of them are a generic way of saying "Mr. So and So, your bill is ready, click here to view.
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    Does anyone remember the Max Headroom TV series? Those networks and their executives were really evil. They forced deadly advertisements onto theier consumers. They collected massive amounts of data on their consumers. They had powers that were typically reserved for governments. That is a series that should get a re-boot.
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    There was a time i was a developer and the organization that i worked for had just subscribed to a new service call Omniture (now owned by Adobe). At the time we thought it was great. We could see where our visitors were coming from. We could see what search terms they were using to go to our pages and what pages they went to within our site. The goal was to improve our search terms and improve how we created link titles so that our visitors could have a better experience. We created educational materials for the general public, free of charge (your tax dollars at work). The goal was to make things better for the end-user. The very idea of collecting data for the purposes of monetizing never entered out minds. We were all so young and naive.
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    Really? The message body of my cell bill has details in it like my first name, username needed to log into the setup, last four digits of the account number, last four digits of the cell phone number, amount due, date due. The confirmation advice is similar, adding that I paid by bank draft and giving the last four of my checking account number.

    Even the subject lines of some emails from vendors identify stuff we've purchased, or give away info that's no one else's business. What, you never ordered anything from Amazon and got an email saying

    "Your order of Very Special Chocolate and 7 other items has shipped"​

    Every bit of data counts when you're trying to construct a profile.

    My utility bill heads-up email has this

    full name
    full account number
    full address of where the service is delivered
    amount due
    payment due date
    “view and pay bill by clicking here, verify balance click here, payment option click here”
    I don't use autopay and do want the reminders so I put up with the too-much-info they spray into the net every month. I'd rather they really were very generic reminders. "Your bill is ready for review and payment" would suffice as message body in its entirety for my purposes.
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    I think they're not competent enough in that area. Google, FB, and others have invested a lot there and will beat Apple at that game, and even they can get blindsided by some startup like Snapchat. Hardware and platforms are comparably devoid of competition, and they've got nice profit margins.
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    And what will pop up in all Google searches lol..
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    That's crazy and I completely understand your point. I'm like you and don't use autopay for anything. I just need an email saying that my bill is ready and the due date is XX/XX.

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