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Apr 12, 2001

Facebook's Messenger service was today updated with a new Apple Music chat extension, allowing Messenger users to link to Apple Music content to share songs and directly within the Messenger app.

The extension can be accessed by tapping on the "+" icon next to the text bar to add Apple Music to a conversation. There's also an option to interact directly with the Apple Music chat bot to ask for music recommendations.


Apple Music subscribers can listen to full tracks from Apple Music, while non-subscribers are able to share and listen to 30 second clips from any music track. There's an option directly within Messenger to sign up for Apple Music.

This feature appears to still be rolling out to users. While Engadget has access, we're not yet seeing full functionality.

Facebook first announced plans for both Spotify and Apple Music integration in Messenger in April of 2017. The Spotify chat extension has been available for months ahead of the launch of the Apple Music extension.

Article Link: Facebook Messenger's Apple Music Chat Extension for Recommendations and Sharing Songs Now Rolling Out


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Apr 18, 2013
Chicago, IL
It's amazing how vast the world of 3rd party integration and interconnectability is in iOS for things I will never use. But then things like an Amazon Prime or Spotify app for Apple TV are still non-existent...


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Mar 28, 2005
Hey MR, is it just me or is there a superfluous ‘and’ in the first sentence of this article (“...share songs and directly...”)?

Sounds like a great feature if you use Fb Messenger anyway.


Feb 11, 2008
I fail to see this as a reason to use it. I don't talk to green bubble people unless I have to, and even then, I still use Apple's Messages app.

becomes an issue for international contacts or when roaming. SMS can get very expansive


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Aug 31, 2010
Could somebody please help!!! I can't see any 3rd party chat extensions in Messenger, only 7 or 8 standard ones, i.e. no Spotify, OpenTable, Apple Music, etc., even though I've added the bots to Messenger. Furthermore, I can't find anywhere on the internet (including Facebook's website) that tells me why or how to fix this. I've reported it to Facebook months ago, I've even asked the question at Facebook's help Community, and still haven't received any answer apart from a thank you from Facebook for reporting it.

20171006_213518000_iOS-edited.png 20171006_213521000_iOS-edited.png

These are the only chat extensions I see. The Polls extension is only there in group chats.

I've even asked the people at Spotify and they couldn't help me. Furthermore, I have another friend with an iPhone who also only has the above chat extensions, while another friend with an Android phone has other 3rd party chat extensions.
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