Facebook notifications on iPhone 4S , iOS 7.0.4

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Hello. I recently restored my iPhone 4S (and set it up as new) because of some app crashing issues. The problem is that after this , the facebook app didn't prompt with push notifications approval after installed and when I first entered. I even reinstalled the app and nothing. So i went to Settings - Notifications Center to activate them manually , but the app was not listed there at all, not even in the "DO NOT INCLUDE" list. After a while I finnaly got the app to be listed in Settings - Notifications Center and I activated the notifications manually but they didn;t work. Not a single notifications was pushed , no matter how many times I tried. I restored again , as new , and the same , now I don't even know how to get the app in settings - notifications center again. The only solution I have found so far is to restore from backup to a previous one in which the notifications for facebook worked. And I did that and it works now, but whenever I want to do a clean restore , no notifications for facebook anymore. Not to mention that this backup is the one where the apps keeps crashing and I wouuld probably get those again soon. Can someone help? I reported bugs on facebook help center but noone got back to me and I am loosing it right now...
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