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    FaceBook Talk - Facebook Chat always with you.

    What FaceBook Talk let you do:

    ★ Chat in real-time ★
    Convenient user interface and beautiful design will allow you to relax and get pleasure from communication with your friends, colleages and relatives.

    ★ Get Push Notifications★
    Push notifications add the ability not to miss any message. Get messages just as SMS or Mail, simply and effective.

    ★ Chat History ★
    All your messages are saved in a secure place, you will be able to read the messages that you sent a week ago or even further.

    ★ In-app browser ★
    While you are still online you can browse the web, browse the facebook photos and everything you need, just from the app.

    ★ Location ★
    If you want to share your location - there is a button for that. Just tap on it and your friend will see where you are at the moment.

    ★ Each Device / Each Firmware / Each Face ★
    Finally, we made sure that everyone can use our GoTalk app, from the first generation of iPhone to the iPhone 4 with full support of amazing Retina display.


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    Nov 18, 2009
    Version 1.4.0 released

    What's new:

    New features:
    ✓ New polished icon.
    ✓ Typing notifications in chat.
    ✓ Contacts list search.
    ✓ Contacts and chats lists are dynamically updated on status change.

    ✓ No more black pop-ups.
    ✓ Improved back-end to be faster and smoother.
    ✓ Contacts and chats lists are ordered by name.
    ✓ App now supports multiple cores (iPad 2).

    ✓ Fixed minor bugs and rare crashes.

    Coming soon:
    More in-app browser abilities...

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