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Apr 12, 2001

Facebook has begun testing out a new commenting feature on iOS and Android devices, allowing users to choose a custom colored background for their comment that all Facebook users will see underneath the original post. As of now, only "a small fraction" of users have noticed the new feature on mobile (via Evert Groot and The Next Web), so it appears this is just one of many early-on tests that Facebook performs in order to see how it might implement the new feature to a wider audience, or scrap it altogether.


This is what Facebook's NEW coloured comments look like h/t @absoluut - Matt Navarra ? (@MattNavarra) September 6, 2017
The colorful comments are an extension of Facebook's custom post background feature, which lets users choose a colored background and write a text-only post on the social network. That feature was one that originally began as a small test in December of 2016, and eventually expanded to all Facebook users throughout 2017. Some Facebook tests make it through to become official features, like the new Reaction buttons, but others end up simply disappearing.

Most recently, Facebook launched its new "Watch" tab on mobile devices, the web, and in Facebook's TV apps. The tab is full of Facebook-exclusive shows that are "made up of episodes -- live or recorded -- and follow a theme or storyline." Discovery is encouraged with user-specific recommendations, and a Watchlist allows users to save videos to watch at a later time.

In a separate report this week by Bloomberg, Facebook is said to be aggressively pursuing contracts with major record labels and music publishers in order to allow its users to legally upload videos with copyrighted music in them. The social network is willing to spend upwards of "hundreds of millions of dollars" in seeking these contracts, with negotiations having been ongoing for the past few months.

Article Link: Facebook Testing Customizable Colored Comments on Mobile Devices


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Nov 13, 2011
I'm among those who have this and I think it's a bad decision, both this and those new huge, blaring colored status posts. It's only a way to push your message with text size over quality and I don't really understand what Facebook is thinking.

You're getting old mate. Don't worry you aint alone ;)


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Nov 13, 2011
Yeah, I am getting old! :D Seriously though, those who use these things the most seem to be those who need them the least! Now where's my monochrome IRC channel...

I think they like apple are allowing more of the disabled and "special needs" people to have more of a say on the designs. Hence we have many things that don't make sense.


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Apr 28, 2010
Awful. This will just become a cluster-F of people wanting to shout louder than others in a clash of colours. The coloured posts are attention seeking enough.


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Apr 10, 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
He is groot.

Skype is trying with the reaction buttons as well, but they are only on mobile and not at all obvious, and limited in their options, and like this, they are unnecessary. But there is only so much that can be done to static text chat to liven it up, so have at it!


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Oct 6, 2017
urrgh its on my iOS app and the comment colours are on by default its so frustrating. everytime i comment I have to first turn off the comment colour. I have actually stopped using the app and just using the standard mobile web as its easier
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