FaceID is totally not a data mine with eventual breach

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by oplix, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Ya, I would totally trust my entire biometric scanned face to Apple. Their security is so good just ask Jennifer Lawrence. It's totally not a data mine to eventually use against my knowledge for profit in advertising and movies.
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    First of all, the iCloud breach you're referring to was not Apple's fault, that was the fault of foolish celebrities not using a secure password or two-factor authentication and clever social engineering. It did, however, prompt Apple to push two-factor authentication.

    Second, biometric data, such as your fingerprint and face scan, are not stored in any recognizable manner on the device, nor are they sent to Apple or to any other third party. The data is stored in the secure enclave as an undecipherable hash which cannot be reverse reconstructed. When you unlock your device with these methods, a hash is created instantly and then compared to the stored hash in the secure enclave.

    The ignorance is astonishing.

    Say what you want about Apple, but when it comes to user privacy, they're damn good on the front lines.
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    Apple gave Jennifer Lawrence a weak password?

    I don't get why every security/privacy fear that people brought up when TouchID debuted, and then forgot about, is coming up all over again.

    4 years after its debut, no one is getting their phones hacked into by people lifting their prints off objects, no one has gotten their thumb cut off by a thief, and all of our fingerprints haven't been leaked onto the dark web or sold to the government, etc.

    Within a few months of release, no one will be worrying about this stuff with FaceID either.
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    It’s because of Apple’s stance on privacy that I continue to buy their products.

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