FaceTime and MBP 2011 - Another 'hot MBP' thread

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mac1984user, Jun 17, 2011.

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    This is by no means the first post regarding hot MBPs - it's a subject that's been done to death. But, in my fashion, I'll continue to beat the dead horse.

    I was running FaceTime (and only FaceTime) today and my temps got up to 87*C. The fan was spinning away and it was just a crappy experience. It even caused the video to stutter. This computer gets so hot running basic tasks that my 2009 C2D MBP would have literally 'chilled' doing. I also find that this computer, despite it's faster processor, tends to hang when initially selecting menu items and other various tasks. Maybe it's the hard drive being slow, but it's not a problem I remember with my previous MBP. Ugh. What is wrong with these machines? Seems ridiculous to me. Oh well, roll on 2012 so I can replace this P.o.S.
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    Feb 26, 2011
    There must be something wrong with your machine because I use Skype and Facetime regularly and have no issues at all.
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    May 5, 2011
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    I don't mean to be "that guy" who sounds like a d*ck but for lack of a better answer at 9am, uMBP's get hot. It's been discussed to death. Don't panic over the heat.

    The hanging menus and whatnot on the other hand may be a symptom of needing more RAM. If you think that can't be the case, then just take advantage of Apple's fantastic service and head over to your local Apple store. They'll be more than happy to help you out.

    That's right. Not just happy...
    More than happy.
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    I use FaceTime all the time as well and I never have heat issues, and I'll run like 50 other things at the same time.
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    I havent used face time or iPhoto yet, Im a try this when I get home. That sucks though, I would def return it or call APPLE but I would still stick with a 2011 model.

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