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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by roland.g, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I used the new FaceTime support to test it out as I don't know any iPhone 4 owners yet. However, the rep didn't know so I will ask here.

    Obviously FaceTime requires either speakerphone or headset as you can't really hold the phone away from you and hear the ear speaker.

    Does FaceTime automatically turn on the speakerphone when you initiate or accept an invite or do you need to do this beforehand? It seems there is no way to do this once FaceTime has begun.

    She told me to be safe turn on the speaker first, but she didn't know. I would hope they either set it to do that automatically or if not, would fix that with an update. It would be nice to see a couple more FaceTime options, routing audio to Bluetooth during FaceTime and most importantly, returning to a call because as of now if you begin a FaceTime chat from a call, when you hang up, it hangs up the call, does not go back - but maybe that has something to do with not using cell minutes up - it would have to redial.
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    Switching to FaceTime during a call switches to the speaker automatically. Initiating FaceTime without making a call defaults to the speaker automatically.

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