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    Hello there,

    My daughter has an iPod touch 4th gen.

    Itunes is run via my account, her Apple ID is something like abcd2001s@gmail.com and her actual email is VERY similar like abcd2001ss@gmail.com

    Is it poss to get her email address and apple ID to be the same?
    Where it states " you can be reached for video calls at:" it has her actual email address - when i add the other i get a message to resend a validation, i then get an error saying unable to verify email because it is already in use - it isn't!

    I just want it to be easy for her friends to email her and f/time her on the same address.


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    I have 3 Apple IDs. One is for iTunes. One is for iCloud. One is for the developer program. I keep them separate. Once you've merged, it's darn near impossible to separate Apple IDs so I would think through how you plan to use her IDs before you rush to merge them. Facetime can be any email address so there is no pressing need to merge IDs simply for facetime.

    On a single iOS device or Mac, I can be logged into iCloud with ID #1 to handle my email, contacts sync, etc. I can be logged into iTunes with ID #2 to handle purchases. Apple allows this but doesn't exactly encourage it.

    I don't know about facetime on an iOS device that isn't an iPhone. Are you saying you can't log in to facetime on the device with anything but the ID you are using to log in to iCloud? If that is the case, there is nothing stopping you from merging IDs. Again bear in mind this has no effect on which ID you use to log in to the app store. If you decide you want to change or merge the iTunes log in, be aware that Apple has been resistant to allowing purchases to be merged so if you bought some songs and apps with one ID and want to use a new ID you will be buying things over again.

    Here is an example of how multiple AppleIDs might exist for a single user...
    • iCloud ID: photostream, contacts, email, (facetime?)
    • iTunes ID: purchases
    • AppleID: apple.com, express lane, etc.

    Before you make an effort to actually change anything, make sure you check to see if facetime on the iOS device allows you to use any arbitrary email. When facetime on OS X first came out, it allowed me to use any email address. I haven't checked lately but I believe it's still possible to log in with any email.

    Looking again at your screen shots, perhaps the problem is that you are using one of those email addresses as an Apple ID and when you try to add it as "another email" it gets blocked. Try making your Apple ID something other than the email you want to sue with facetime. You can change your AppleID email at any time.

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