MP 7,1 FaceTime Cameras


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Jan 9, 2019
I was wondering what people were going to be using for a FaceTime camera. I also have a FireWire On one of my thunderbolt docs, I wonder if my old iSight camera would work?


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Oct 25, 2019
At the moment, I am not sure that a webcam can be connected to the XDR monitor. It might have to be connected to one of the USB ports on the 7.1 which means a rather lengthy cable if the computer is on the floor. Most camera cables are not that long. Just some logistics going through my mind as I ponder your question.

My first choice would be this one ~ as the mount is flexible and I wouldn't want to make a mistake on the ability to fit...

Actually, a web search pulled up this one!

However, my question is answered by Apple:

"Use the 2-meter extended cable (included) to connect the webcam directly to Mac Pro or the 16-inch MacBook Pro. More compatibility information can be found at"

The webcam cable cannot be connected directly to the XDR.
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