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Discussion in 'OS X El Capitan (10.11)' started by darnocs, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Any time I try logging in to FaceTime and iMessage, I get an error: "An error occurred during activation. Please try again later."

    I've heard of this problem before, and the only solution seems to be creating an entirely new user account. However, if I migrate my old account from a Time Machine backup, the problem carries through to the new account. I can't copy files in my Home folder from the old account to the new account without running into a ton of permission issues, and I'm not entirely sure what all I *need* to backup from my home/Library folder other than a few specific folders in Application Support. (I tried this yesterday and changing a mass amount of folder permissions is a real pain and takes forever – not to mention, if you copy stuff from your old Library folder, it causes the "OS X needs to repair your library" error constantly.)

    Any suggestions? It seems like since the error doesn't persist on a new user account, but does persist when migrating data, the issue is somewhere in my home/Library folder and should be fixable by deleting files or something. But so far, I've not found any helpful suggestions on what those files might be.
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    This is not related to the recent outage, there's a multi-page thread on the Apple forums where many people have been having this issue for months. Just purchased a Mac Pro 5,1, moved my user folder over from my 2012 cMBP (which was perfectly functional on 10.11.6) and I cannot get iMessage to work at all. I get the exact same error. I'm on the retail build of .5, nothing special. Also, have noticed that every time I reboot I have to log back in to iCloud.

    UPDATE: Did a PRAM reset based on advice from someone on the Apple forums, and it worked. So, if you're having any issues, give that a shot.
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    How do you do a PRAM reset?
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