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    Ok, so like most I have an iPhone 4 as well as a Mac loaded with the new Facetime beta - after all the fun of calling myself from my phone to computer and calling a couple friends from my computer it dawned on me that when someone wants to facetime with me, they have to know where I am at.

    If they call me via my email address they will get me on my Mac, but if they call me on my phone number they will get my phone...obviously - what I am saying is that by having 2 places to look it makes it difficult to just "call someone" - I understand that this is no different than finding someone at home/cell/office numbers, but there are features for those to locate you - I wonder if Apple has addressed this or will in the final release?

    I think what is needed is a way for facetime to have "find me" feature. I think that maybe it could "ring" in to the Mac first, then to the iPhone second, or vice vera depending on how you want it set in your preferences....

    Any thoughts?
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    Jan 22, 2010
    Check out www.facetimez.com

    facetimez.com is a way for you to use facebook to let your friends know you're on available on FaceTime. It's a great place to check to see who's available.

    Give it a try and tell your friends. The more people use it, the more useful it will be.

    http://bit.ly/cRCkik link to www.facetimez.com
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    No, troll. Be gone.

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