FaceTime Springboard Icon Missing [solved, iPod Touch 4 only, yeah I'm blond lol]

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    I installed 4.3 beta's 1 and 2, and I recall that there should be a FaceTime Application icon on the springboard right? I have FaceTime turned on in Settings->Phone, and I see the ability to FaceTime with friends who can FaceTime in their Contact Info and on the Phone pad. However, there is no dedicated FaceTime application on my Springboard when I've read/seen/recall there being one. Am I wrong? If I'm not, what could be wrong?
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    May 9, 2009
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    FaceTime is only a separate app on the 4G iPod touch.
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    DOH! lol I was losing my mind, I thought the iPhone 4 had it as some pics online and on MacRumors showed it, but I must have missed the distinction between the iPod Touch 4 and iPhone 4. Makes sense.

    Thanks guys!

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