Facetime through a proxy (HTTP, SOCKS, etc)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by f00f, Jul 1, 2010.

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    Tried making a Facetime call through a proxy but no luck. I didn't honestly expect it to work considering there's likely some pretty wicked voodoo going on under the Facetime hood.

    I and the Mrs. are at our respective jobs that reside in different zip codes. I'm behind a SOCK5 proxy and she's behind an HTTP proxy. (!@#!@# facist network admins.) There's probably a bit of NAT going on at both sides as well. We call one another, tap the Facetime button, it puts in a valiant effort to connect but ultimately fails. Bummer.

    Has anyone tried Facetime in a proxied environment with any success?
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    As a network admin, it could just be a simple thing as having the port closed on the proxy server, unless you have access to the server to open or forward it you're SOL..

    Going through one proxy would be bad enough, never mind trying to go through 2 proxies... Instead of going through 1 set of rules, you're having to go through 2 sets.

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