FaceTime....."Waiting For Activation"


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Jun 5, 2009
ok I figured it out, Uncheck phone under my3g ad respring, then it comes back

but FaceTime now fails over 3G using My3G


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May 4, 2010
I ended up uninstalling the unlock and deactivating the my3g in order for the activation to go through. After it was stuck on waiting to activate for a good 15 minutes, i got frustrated and restarted the phone. When it came on and I went to the settings menu, hit the facetime switch, all went well. just did a facetime call over 3g after reactivating the settings.


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Aug 7, 2010
re: facetime activation - fixed!

I had this issue after I got a replacement Iphone 4 due to issues with my previous one. I called up Att and they told me that my messaging plan was " #1 200 messages regular" instead of "#3 Iphone 200 messages ". They are exactly the same plan/same cost except one is for the iphone. He changed it back to the iphone messaging plan, and that was it - facetime fixed! Hope this helps.


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Apr 3, 2009
I was having the same issue,

i JB's my phone before they fixed the FT and MMS issue and the work around worked for a moment but never truly fixed it and ended up with the activation issue so in the end i restored my phone, re-JB'd with the "fixed" version and now facetime with 3g unrestrictor works like a charm :D

so if you JB'd your phone as soon as it was released i think that may be your issue


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Aug 8, 2010
help Facetime

Hello everyone, I have been trying to get to work my facetime over TELCEL in Mexico, Ive heard many people have, but not me, I been trying everythin I have read and still waiting for activation...... HELP please


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Jun 18, 2010
im having the same problem

waiting for activation.

this is my second iphone 4 bcause my old one's wifi wouldnt work.
could it be because i am using my simcard from my first iphone 4?

if not any other help?


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Aug 13, 2010
i recently bought iphone 4 from france without an sim card so i activated with a phonebook sim instead.after jailbreaking and everything facetime wont work at all (waiting for activate).Its been like this forever!!!

my3g dont work

iphonedelivery wont work tried everything

Any suggestions NEED HELP PLS!!!!!
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