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    I got a new MacBook Air today. It has this feature called FaceTime. I suppose the computer had everything from my phone number to contacts etc when I logged in the cloud... Anyway, I just got on my phone after using the MacBook and had two push notifications about now a part of face time and one other about face time... This only told my phone these notices right? Not all my contacts? If not no big deal. If it did, how do I turn crap like this off? I know I'm a little behind in that everyone likes sharing every stupid thing they do to everyone but I don't. If I'm taking a crap, I don't want the whole world to know about it. Likewise I don't want it announced to the world when I'm "now on face time and can blah blah".

    If it was just my phone... No biggie... But it was talking to me in the third person like a general message to everyone.
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    There is no part of FaceTime that broadcasts or sends your contact information or the fact that you now have the ability to FaceTime to anyone. FaceTime is similar to your email address or phone number. You have to give it to folks you want to be able to use it with you.

    No public notifications.

    I think that was the answer you're looking for, right?
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    Yes! Thank you... I wouldn't think so but... I never know anymore they way people like to share everything with everyone so it wouldn't have surprised me.

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