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    Just sharing a quick cool story bruh.

    Today I was out shopping and was trying out a coat I was thinking of buying. I was in the fitting room and a friend texted me. I called her back via Facetime to ask for her opinion on the coat. I just dialed, she answered and told me how it looked and had a few laughs.

    My point: There was no, I'll call you through X place, log in or, are you ready. None of that. It was a simple call, inside a building which did not even saw if I had reception. It just worked, I thought that was so cool. Yes the capability has been there for a long time, but how it seamlessly worked as a nice overall experience.

    I hope apple calls me for a commercial ;)
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    Facetime is cool. Just one of those things to be careful with. Lots of potential situations where Facetime could mean trouble for either or both parties. :D

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