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Spaceboi Scaphandre

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Jun 8, 2022
So while I have a gaming PC and Steam Deck, there is one game in particular I prefer playing on Mac that I'd like to share with you all. It's called Factorio

Factorio is a top down management (and colonialization) game where you and maybe some friends crash land on an alien world, and must build a big base with the endgoal to build a rocket platform. At least, that's what it looks like on the surface. In actuality, this game is crack. It's digital crack cocaine, called "Cracktorio" by it's community because of the game's addictive nature. You start the game, blink, next thing you know 12 hours have passed. it's so addictive that the developers promising free content updates isn't a nice gesture, it's a threat. 🥴


So how on earth is it so addicting it's borderline a digital illegal substance? The entire game is a positive feedback loop. It's incredibly easy to play and build your factory, and as you build it you learn everything and anything can be automated and as you set up your assembly lines and automated processes, watching it all go and work just sends nonstop positive feedback. Seeing the materials mined and set to the assembly processes and made into whatever you want is a feeling that only the most refined crack can emulate. The only things stopping you being the alien bug population mad at you polluting their world, and your own limitations of the human body forcing you to do trivial things like eat and sleep.

Alongside the game's addictive nature, it's has full mod support even on Mac, so easy that you can download and install mods ingame. One of the most notable being the Space Exploration mod that adds more planets to conquer explore, spaceships and orbital platforms to build, and a new endgoal of achieving FTL.

Go buy Factorio. The game is amazing.
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