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    Aug 8, 2015
    Hi All, I'm new here.. I've tried googling and can't find a definitive answer.. wondering whether someone could help?

    tldr: found an ipad, need help factory resetting it so I can sell on ebay..


    long version: Hmm, this is going to sound like the dodgiest post ever, but can assure you it's genuine.. I don't know didley squad about Apple stuff (I'm an Android guy) so after some advice..

    .. Back in Sept last year my youngest, (2 weeks at the time) was taken ill & had to go hospital - early [very early - 5am] one morning I went for a walk to clear my head.. Found an ipad in the hospital car park - one of those 4th gen ipads - looked brand spanking, came with a Vodafone SIM

    After some deliberation I handed it into Hospital reception. A month or so ago (i'd totally forgotten about it) the hospital phone me up to say nobody's claimed and that I should come & collect it. I tried vodafone and read off the SIM number in hope that they could find the owner that way - they, for data protection reasons wouldn't give me any details, nor would they admit that they could even find a match for the owner. I decided to hand it into the police.

    Anyhoo - the police have just phoned me to say that nobody's claimed it - so now it's legally mine. I've done the find my ipad stuff via Icloud and it's not reported as lost or stolen. I don't know the PIN to unlock it. I don't know who's itunes account it's associated to. How the f*ck to i factory reset it? It's the latest version of Ipad from what I can see, so it'll be running latest version of Ios. Is it a door stop or can i do something with it?
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    Jul 24, 2009
    You can is it has ios6 on it. However if ios7 is installed then the activation lock will proberly be enabled.

    Google dfu restore.

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