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    I have recently purchased two new Macs to replace my old two. Now the problem i have is that i do not remember if they came with an install disc or not as one is a couple of years older than the other. The reason i am asking is because i have decided to sell these older Macs as they will just take up too much room in the house.

    I have researched around and have seen that people have said i would require this disc and the iLife disc to be able to bring the Macs back to how they were from day one. If possible i want to avoid having to spend money as this will eat into the money i make selling them both; especially if it will cost £30-£50 each!

    As well as what i mentioned above, i have seen that people are recommending using the backend system of Mac and fiddle around or create some form of coding... This however will be a last resort option because i am not really savvy with any form of computer systems and will be afraid to mess something up beyond fixing. I can't remember exactly what OS system they are running but i may be able to find out if i can find somewhere i can plug the Macs back in.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before as i'm sure it has but rather than keep looking at what other people say or what other people write it's always good to see new options rather than look through posts which are very very old.

    Thank you in advance for any help giving.
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    One Mac is running 10.5.8 and can't find what the other is at the moment.

    If i were to buy the installation disc from Apple, would i need one for each Mac or can it be used on both? As well as the disc will i need any other software?
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    10.5.8 would have been supplied on grey DVDs and will have iLife included. These DVDs are machine-specific and won't work on the other system.

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