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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wketch22, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Hi everybody, I have just a few quick questions about factory resetting my MacBook Pro 15" circa 2010

    Maybe I am just being paranoid, but I feel like my computer my have some sort of virus or rootkit. My personal admin account has been running really slow compared to my Guest account, about a month ago it said my Facebook was accessed from a foreign location immediately after I changed my password, and now it is being strange and saying I am blocked from Omegle for allegedly "possible bad behavior" despite the fact that I have never been to that site before. There really hasn't been any other weird things, no redirects, no loss of control of my computer, etc. The only reason I found out I was banned from Omegle was because when I was researching rootkits I stumbled upon someone talking about a rootkit that prevented Omegle useage.

    I have run an Avast scan, and nothing was found, but unless someone can assuage my fears, I want to do a factory reset. So I have a few quick questions

    1. If I factory resetted my Laptop, would the virus or rootkit that I potentially have survive the reset?

    2. My computer's disc drive acts very strangely, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually it works for a little, and then stops. Sometimes when I reset the PRAM it will start working again. If I factory reboot it, and the disc drive doesn't work, what will happen? Lets say its half way through the proccess and the drive stops working, will my computer be permanently damaged and stuck in purgatory? Or, what if I put the disc in and it won't start at all, but after I have committed to the process? For example, what if I start the process but the drive doesn't work, can I just cancel it?

    3. If the disc drive doesn't work, could I use an external CD drive?

    4. If my computer does have a virus, what are the odds that it could be on Time Machine too?

    If anyone can answer any of these questions, I would really appreciate the help. Or if anyone has any insight about what may be the problem with my computer, I would appreciate it. I trust Avast, but from what I have read rootkits can hide from virus scanners.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help at all!
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    Macs are not immune to malware, but no true viruses exist in the wild that can run on Mac OS X, and there never have been any since it was released over 10 years ago. The only malware in the wild that can affect Mac OS X is a handful of trojans, which can be easily avoided by practicing safe computing (see below).

    3rd party antivirus apps are not necessary to keep a Mac malware-free, as long as a user practices safe computing, as described in the following link.

    Read the What security steps should I take? section of the Mac Virus/Malware FAQ for tips on practicing safe computing.

    If you're having performance issues, this may help:
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    Thanks for the response, after reading that page, I really doubt I have any issues

    I don't ever download anything, especially not software. The only thing that had me somewhat concerned, was that I got an email from a friend, and opened it, only to find that the only thing in the email was a spam link. I didn't click the link and immediately closed it.

    I haven't downloaded anything, and have been using Web of Trust which usually guides me away from bad websites, so hopefully that will be enough.

    I really appreciate the help :)

    Edit: What do you think about uninstalling Java? I got my computer in 2010, so I believe it doesn't have xProtect. Would my computer be safe without Java? Would it be more safe?

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