Factory Restore: tv has come a LONG way

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ipedro, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I just wanted to share my experience today...

    I felt that my tv was a little bogged down and a clean sweep was in order. I did a "factory restore" and watched as the hands of time brought me back to 2007 when I was the first at the Apple Store Yorkdale in Toronto to buy one.

    The original intro video is refreshing, having been watching the "new" one for quite some time now. I prefer it actually.

    Once started up, it was quite an eye opener to realize how much tv has in fact improved over the years. Despite such a simple interface and capacity, the UI was very sluggish. That's been fixed even though the UI is much more full featured.

    The most notable missing feature was the iTunes store integration. I didn't remember how AppleTV was merely a dummy slave to iTunes on your Mac. It had no ability to purchase or rent content. Today, the iTunes store and all its music, tv shows, movie purchases and rentals are at your finger tips from the comfort of your couch. Your iPhone and AirTunes makes it the ideal entertainment system that can be controlled from any room in the house and piped ... to any room in the house (I even have my shower rigged up with an Airport Express :D). It's fantastic!

    I recall how when 2.0 came along, I was able to cancel my cable subscription and I haven't looked back since.

    I recommend to tv fans -- and even detractors who are upset at the "lack of features", to restore their tv and have a look at how things once were and how far we've come. You won't take 3.0 for granted and the prospect of an imminent 4.0 upgrade is all the more exciting.
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    Yeah. I've done a restore a few times on mine, but it starts at 2.something version. By the time I was able to get one, 1.x had gone away.

    I use mine all the time, too. I take the time to convert MKVs to m4v files. I don't have any super A/V setting going on. Just a simple 32" 720 HDTV to watch on. When I want better sound (concerts, etc) I just plug my wireless full-size headphones into the TV.

    Someday when I grow up I'll get a larger screen and a good sound system and then worry about AC3 passthrough and stuff.
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