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Oct 17, 2019
Hi, my 2017 MacBook Pro has been diagnosed with a failed MLB Board ($1700 NZD to repair).

I’ve contacted Apple going down the consumer guarantee which has sadly been declined. Probably I will follow up with a letter but this will probably be for no gain.

Anyway two questions, do you think a $5000 machine failing and needing an expensive repair after only 4 years reasonable.

Also what is the next step. If I sell it for parts all my info is still on the soldiered SSD Which can’t be accessed. i can’t even boot from my cloned backup to wipe the disk.


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Dec 19, 2004
You can see if there’s anyone in NZ or nearby country. Someone like “The Rossmann Group”, in New York, who do logic board repairs. To see if it can be fixed. You might luck out with a $250 to $450 repair.

The SSD is not soldered on the 2017. It is removable. The RAM is soldered.

A logic board should not fail after four years. It happens sometimes. You can check your credit card. See if it offers some sort of warranty extension. As some do. Assuming you used one.


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Apr 22, 2021
Yes it is unreasonable. The same thing happened to me on a 5yo machine, same repair fee. I paid the ridiculous parts + repair fee, but in hindsight wish I had invested the money in a new computer because no machine is worth 6.7k. I ended up selling the computer for the price of the repairs 1 year later anyway. See if the repair shop will buy the parts & wipe the drive for u.


Oct 25, 2010
I'd say its a reasonable expectation that short of serious accidents, water damage or misuse, that it would last at least that long from ordinary use.

Even my late 2012MBP is still going strong and that's saw over 8 years of daily use Four of which were after it bounced along the road at 30MPH clad in nothing other than a neoprene sleeve

Apple themselves support the model with OS releases for longer than that - which to me suggests that they themselves reasonably expect them to be around (and thus in need of those OS updates) for longer than the barely 4 years service your one has provided
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