Failed Server install on eMac

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    Nov 11, 2008
    Hi guys. I’m hoping you can show me how to solve this.

    I have been presented with an eMac 1.2 Ghz on which someone has started to install OS X server from a copied disk (the CD is still in the drive). They obviously didn’t have the licence number because they have stopped at that point.

    I have a big selection of CD & DVD’s from OS 8 on that I use for service and I am trying to reformat and install from these as the original disks are not with the machine. I cannot make this machine now boot from any of the disks.

    I am told that the machine booted from the server disk and installed up to the point we are now at. I have had this problem before with other machines and reset-nvram and reset-all usually helps.

    Most times booting from newer disk often helps but in this case nothing is working.

    I assume that if I can just get the disk formatted I can start again. I don’t believe that the optical drive is faulty. If all fails I can take the drive out and wipe it in a PC but I’m not sure if I will introduce more problems if I do.

    There must be a solution or a utility I can use.

    Can anyone help?
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