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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by grahamie, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. grahamie macrumors newbie

    Aug 16, 2012

    What does everyone think of this trade scenario?

    I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro from 2010 with the high-res matte display, 2.53 ghz i7, 500 GB HD, and 512 MB video card. It was $2500 when i got it almost 3 years ago. I replaced the battery in mine 2 months ago, so the battery is good. The value is around $1100

    My friend wants to trade, for the bigger screen and his wife wants a DVD drive. ere's what he's selling: Macbook Air 13inch with 1.7 ghz i7, 256 GB SSD, USB 3.0, mid-2012 model. It was a fully loaded one when he got it, mint condition. He paid around $1900 for it and the current value seems to be about $1400. Plus, it's got another 2 years of AppleCare left on it.

    I want a smaller and lighter laptop and the USB 3.0 ports, but how will the speed compare. Of course, they are both i7's. But mine is higher GHz. His has the SSD, which I know can affect speed drastically.

    So what do you all think? Is this a fair trade? Because of the price differences, he asked me to throw in an extra $300.

    Can someone please give some feedback on the speed differences? Would it be noticeable?

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. MacKid macrumors 6502

    Jan 1, 2003
  3. Laco macrumors 6502

    Apr 23, 2008
    The Macbook Air has a better processor. Don't focus on GHz there are a lot of other factors that go into determining processor performance than GHz. For example, if you look at Mac Benchmarks your processor has a score of 5505 and the air has a score of 6832 (higher is better). Personally If I wanted a smaller screen I would make the trade.

  4. grahamie thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 16, 2012
    use it for work (Office), watching movies sometimes, music, Mac Mail, Skype, and iPhoto. Those are the main apps i use. I get about 6-8 hours use everyday from it.
  5. Asuriyan macrumors 6502a

    Feb 4, 2013
    Sounds like a good deal to me. The extra is worth it just for the warranty. And in day to day use the SSD-based Air will probably be a bit faster.
  6. Applefanboy8153, Mar 4, 2013
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    Applefanboy8153 macrumors regular

    Sep 3, 2012
    The air actually has got an upper hand being a ivy bridge, it has 512 MB integrated Intel 4000 HD Graphics and can go upto 768MB. So being a "friend" you must pay him a couple of hundred bucks when you exchange to make it a fair deal. Also the display is way better because of better ppi.
  7. AppleTecFan macrumors 6502


    Jul 7, 2009
    If I'm mistaken sorry, but isn't the ivy bridge processors with intel 4000 graphics and sandy bridge with intel 3000
  8. kensic macrumors 6502

    Jan 11, 2013
    in the end it will be a bad trade for him.

    air has better hardware overall. you will notice in the speed jump of booting/shutting down and opening programs from that ssd. way faster ram speed.

    and the beauty about this is they both have similar resolution. so bring out your glasses.

    yea totally a bad trade for him...if it's a straight trade
  9. NMF macrumors 6502a


    Oct 27, 2011
    Excellent trade for you. Do it immediately before he comes to his senses.
  10. Sean76 macrumors 6502a


    Feb 10, 2013
    I would do it! Just for the simple fact of....

    A- You want a more portable machine

    B- You'll get the Applecare

    C- The Air is a pretty speedy machine, you'll notice right away!

    Like someone else said, do it before he changes his mind...lol
  11. Applefanboy8153 macrumors regular

    Sep 3, 2012
    Oops sorry the MBA is an ivy bridge! Sorry, edited!


    Oh no that would just be immoral and it would be exploiting him!


    The MBA has a better screen because of it's smaller screen area hence greater ppi.

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