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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by WardC, Oct 10, 2009.

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    I have been browsing the Think different posters on eBay for quite awhile and I have noticed a ton of fake posters listed for sale. In the past, you could almost always count on the 24"x36" size posters being authentic, but I have even seen quite a few of these size fakes on eBay. They are counterfeiting the 11x17 size too, the educator series. I have seen a "Complete poster set" listed on eBay which are 8.5"x11" size (Apple never made this size), and these are clearly fakes. Some of the fakes are hard to tell, you just have to be very careful and know how to spot a fake. Most of the "Proofs" listed on eBay are fakes. Apple made 3 sizes of the posters: 24"x36" (full size), 22"x28" (Apple made these with a different non-glossy paper) and the 11x17" educator series which came 10 different posters, 3 of each, 30 to a box.

    Again, you have to be really careful when buying and know how to spot a fake poster. Knowing which poster designs are real (there are a bunch of fake posters with photos and people Apple never used), and knowing the correct sizes, placement of logo, and color and size of logo is essential in spotting a fake. Apple only used the six color logo on the early posters and only on the 24"x36" size posters. Apple never used the six color logo on the smaller posters or the educator series. The full-size posters were printed on thick glossy type paper.

    I think that covers it all. Has anybody else had any experience, or seen these fake posters on eBay? Has anybody bought a fake poster and then realized it was a fake? Do you have any other advice to give to avoid being scammed by fake poster sellers on eBay?

    I write this post in the hope that others will learn and not unknowingly buy fake posters, and know how to spot the real ones.

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    I can tell the fake ones by the bad grammar... ;)
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    wow this is an old thread! Hope I can still get a reply! :p

    I just bought a 11x17 on eBay of Einstein for $35. It says it's authentic, and it does look a little used on the corners and edges. The copyright line says Albert Einstein licensed by Roger Richman Agency, in Beverly Hills, CA ( I don't know if that's the exact wording or not)..... there's no mention of Apple anywhere in the copyright text (The apple logo is copyrighted and the Think Different is trademarked, though)...... Does this mean that it's a fake or is that really how they came?
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    I have 9 of the 10 posters in the educator series but not sure if they are authentic although I believe they are as I got them when I was an educator. Mine are 11x17 and the apples are either all black or all white along with corresponding words "Think different." There is no other writing anywhere else on the posters neither front nor back. I am only missing Jim Henson which I am going to pursue as I want the whole set to frame. Please give me more info on how I can determine their authenticity. Thanks!
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    I started collecting these posters very recently and I was wondering too how to spot the fakes. Logo placement seems a fairly easy one to spot, sizes seem OK too. I have a few more on the way, so I'll post some pictures when I have them all.

    One of those is a Buzz Aldrin; I know they're very rare so I'd like to know if it's a fake... I'll let you know what I think.
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    Posted my pictures here:

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