Fall detection and the NFL

Bob Coxner

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Mar 24, 2011
I'm a Pats fan. Late in the first half of the Chiefs game tonight I clapped hard for a play and my Series 4 watch decided that I had fallen. I cancelled the 911 call. A few plays later the Pats intercepted a pass and I clapped for that. Again my watch thought I had fallen and I had to cancel.

I read about people doing all kinds of deliberate falls to see if it would trigger and failing. Simple clapping can trigger it? The Pats generate a lot of clapping by their fans so this is a problem.


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Oct 28, 2011
I have never fallen since I was 6 y.o.
I turned that thing off the second I picked up my AW4.
I have no plans to turn it on until I lie in my grave.
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