Family Calender on Mobile Me or Google/Spanning Sync?

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    Would appreciate some advice on how to set up a family calender. What I'm looking to do is have a calender for the family which would allow both my wife and I to view and modify. I currently use iCal and Mobile Me for my own calenders and push the data to my iPhone. I'm not sure if a Mobile Me family plan would allow me to accomplish this and if it would be better than my current solution.

    Currently I am using a trial of Spanning Sync to sync one of my iCal calenders to a Google Calender. This allows my wife to log into the google account and add or modify appointments for the family and it shows up in my iCal, Mobile Me and iPhone. I assume she could also subscribe to the Google Calender so it would show up in her outlook account.

    The spanning sync is $65 for a life time subscription while the price difference between a single user and family pack on Mobile me is $50.

    Would appreciate your thoughts on which way is better to go.

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    MobileMe does not currently allow for sharing calendars. I am on Windows / Outlook and I Sync (SyncMyCal) my Outlook Calendar with Google (about 8 calendars) and then I Sync that with MobileMe which then Sync's with my iPhone. I also have the MobileMe Family Pack. My wife has her own MobileMe Email/Contacts/Calendar and a iPhone. Same with my daughter. Think of MobileMe Family as 5 individual MobileMe Accounts (each with less storage) but cheaper.

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