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    Is this possible with the family pack

    I have one iMac with 4 user accounts 1 for the wife, 1 for me, 1 for kids, and 1 for our business.

    I have one laptop with the same accounts.

    We have two iPhones – 1 for the wife and 1 for me.

    Can I setup the mobile me family pack so that, for example my iCal, contacts, mail, etc sync with only my iPhone and my accounts on the two computers while my wife’s iCal, contacts, mail, etc only sync with her iPhone and accounts on the two computers? I assume I can. If so how?

    I’m hesitant in trying because several months ago I tried the free 60 day trial and during that period I somehow ended up syncing my contact list from my laptop account to the business’s account on the iMac thus deleting all the business contacts. Needless to say this was not a great day for me since the business is really my wife’s business. I think you get the picture.
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    Mobile Me will only sync within an account. For example, your data will only sync with your computer, iPhone, etc. while your wife's will only sync with hers.

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