Family Plan $110 vs. $120 for 2 separate lines? Pre-Pay Option?


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Nov 18, 2006
I must be reading this wrong. My husband has an iPhone and I want to activate mine either via Pay as You Go, or Family.

The Family plan for 2 iPhones is $110 with a total of 700 minutes, 200 text.
2 Individual plans would be $120 with a total of 900. Why on earth would someone with 2 phones buy the Family plan when the savings is only $10?
I don't get this. Sounds like a bad deal.

So, everyone at AT&T is clueless about the Pay as you Go Plan. One person said I have to buy 'cards'. $15 & $25 expires in 15 days, $50 expires in 30 days, $100 card expires in 1 year. I need to use the phone like 4 times a year? Then they have zero clue how I can get a data plan for this. One said it would be $20 but .15 cents each email. LOL!

Then another rep said if I fail a credit check, there are options! $50 a month with 200 minutes. LOL That's $10 cheaper than a full blown individual plan.

I'm so confused. If anyone knows the REAL answer, I'm all ears, but right now, the options I see really do stink.


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Jun 26, 2007
I thought the same thing you are thinking. My wife and I activated two separate plans, instead of the family plan. I'm not sure what they were thinking with the plans...but I did some calculating and found that even with the extra $10 for the two individual plans, it was a much better deal.

As far as the PAYG plans, I'm clueless.


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Jun 30, 2007
Los Angeles
Family plans make sense if some people on the plan don't use a lot of minutes (especially if there are 3 or more people on the plan). Keep in mind that just because it doesn't make sense for YOUR situation doesn't mean there are other people who would benefit from it.


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Apr 2, 2003
I think most family plans are this way. As was stated, they only make sense in limited situations. It's too bad you can't get more minutes for having multiple lines, but you can't.

On a similar note, does anyone know if you can combine multiple individual lines on one bill?



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Jun 26, 2007
Yes, I have both of my individual lines on one bill. Just call a CSR and they can do it easily.