Family plan, different contract end dates?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Goaliegeek, Jun 28, 2010.

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    Did searching on MR, found nothing. I just want to be 100% sure of this before I go camp.

    1. I am on a family plan with my mother. We signed up on the same day, so both our contracts end April 2011. We both hate ATT and once our contract is up, she's going to Verizon. My question; if I go camp at the ATT store tonight, and in the morning when I get my iPhone 4, if I resign up for another 2yrs, will that affect her contract end date at all? Will it turn into this: Mom: April 2011, Me: June 2012? (Probably would have to alter the plan to individual once she leaves eh?)

    2. I'm 20, name is not on the account at all (not that I know of anyway). Can I have her call ATT in the morning and add me as a primary on the account so I can renew my line? (or at least have them put an iPhone 4 on hold for me until she gets out of work).

    Thank you guys!
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    1. Each line has it's own contract length, so you are good to renew only your line.

    2. You can add yourself as a Retail Authorized User Online. Use this link to find out how...

    How to add an authorized user

    What is an Authorized User..

    Note: Did you check the price you would be offered? Dial *639# and you will get a free SMS Txt with your upgrade eligiblity.

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    primary lines on family accounts get earlier upgrade eligibility too ;)
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    1) Each phone & line on a family plan has it's own separate contract. Tomorrow you will be renewing your contract for an additional 2 yrs.*
    Your Moms will not change.*

    2) It's best not to ask Mom to make you primary on the contract. If you do, AT&T will run your credit, if you don't qualify to pay the entire bill you've wasted time. The best way, is to call her from the store. Have her tell your sales person that she has authorized you to get the iPhone 4. At this point you're all set to place your order & get the phone.*
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    Right on guys. Yea, guess I mean authorized user, not primary. Thank you Dave and everyone! ATT accounts seem to be down right now though :(
    Guess I'll go out and wait in line now!

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