family plan with 2 iphones, 1 non-iphone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by volvoben, Jul 3, 2008.

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    currently have 3 lines on old familytalk 850 plan, no iphones, all upgrade-eligible.

    options i see, may or may not be possible:

    1. iphone family 700 with standard 2 lines, plus 9.99 third non-iphone line (is this possible?)

    2. keep family 850, add data plans for 2 lines, also if possible.

    Do either of these work? if not, what options exist? I think option #1 would be cheaper, but also with 150 fewer minutes (probably not a big deal), but i have no idea if you can add a non iphone line for $10. My sister has a connection at an at&t store, and he said we can in fact resign with the 850 plan, but i have no idea how iphones would play into that...

    finally, since my sister is with her boyfriend in miami for the summer, how could she get her iphone? could i just buy two, sign the contract, and send it to her with a new sim and make her reprogram her numbers? could she get one down in miami after i get mine without needing me to sign the contract again? The third phone isn't being upgraded.

    Thanks for any insight, there are similar questions about 1 iphone and 1 regular phone, but i can't find a thing about 2 iphones and 1 regular phone...
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    Dec 19, 2007
    hello, just think of the iPhone like any other phone. If your first two lines with your plan cost $100, then for the third phone, iphone or not, you would add $10 more. On top of that, you would add $30 based on how many iphones you want, if you want 3, add $90. if you want just one, add $30.

    voice plan wise the iphone works like any other phone, you are just paying for the data plan on top of everything.

    if you are looking into text options, i would suggest getting the $30 unlimited for family which gives every single line unlimited. good luck!

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