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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Schtibbie, Oct 19, 2014.

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    I'm sure I'm missing something here.. My wife and I used to share her AppleId (and icloud) on her phone and mine. After iOS8 came out, I switched us to use family sharing because it simplified some things in my setup. Most stuff is fine (except I now get ads in iTunes radio whereas my wife with itunes match doesn't. Grumble).

    BUT, this weird thing happened: My wife bought something at Starbucks using her card and *my* phone popped up a notification on the lock screen telling me her Starbucks balance. Now, that used to happen back when we shared an Apple account for both appstore and icloud. But now I have my own icloud AND my own appstore and I'm simply tied to her "family". Shouldn't I have my own passbook now? Yes, I have it "on" in iCloud menu. But does that mean it shares one passbook with the family?
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    If you still have a copy of the Starbucks pass in your Passbook (from the time you were using the shared iCloud account) and automatic updates are enabled, it will continue to receive push notifications. Pass updates are independent from your iCloud account. You can either delete the pass from your device or disable automatic updates to get rid of the notifications.
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    Even though you have family sharing on, just go into settings > iTunes & App Store and use the same iTunes account. This way you can both share iTunes Match.

    I have enabled family sharing but as we all used to share the one iTunes account for purchasing I did the following:

    1. Each user has their own iCloud account for Mail, Contacts & Calendars etc (we already had this)
    2. Have one primary iTunes account for apps and music and iTunes Match
    3. Setup sharing on each family members devices.
    4. On each device go into iTunes settings and change them all back to the same account to share the apps, music and iTunes match

    Now you have the shared location, shared calendars & reminders etc plus one iTunes Match account and iTunes account for purchases etc

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