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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by 827538, Oct 16, 2014.

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    So I'm about to surprise my Dad by buying him the new iPad Air 2. He's been using his iPad 2 for years now and while great, it's gotten a bit long in the tooth. One problem I have is that both my parents use the same Apple account, this was done so they didn't have to rebuy the same Apps.

    But I have already made an Apple account for my Dad and got that working on his iPhone and I plan on using that account on his new iPad. I've also set up Family Sharing between his Apple Account and my Mum's, so he won't have to rebuy all his apps - he takes a lot of notes on his for work using Goodnotes.

    Only problem I have is that when I've tried to download said app on his iPhone to test out Family Sharing it asks me to pay for it. Shouldn't this be free if it's already been bought on the other account? Could someone help clarify this for me.

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    Yeah, family sharing really doesn't work the way people think it does.

    The old method of sharing iTunes accounts and having separate Apple ID's is still the most effective way to share an account. Family Sharing has some extra features (albiet clunkily implmented) that may be helpful for a parent managing a kid's device. But in your situation sharing iTunes ID's will get you what you need.
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    Thanks but they definitely need separated as they keep receiving each others messages etc. It's become a pain. Guess I'll just have to buy my Dad an iTunes voucher with his new iPad then so he can rebuy it.
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    With family sharing, in order to download an app or music purchased by a member of the family, you have to go to Purchased then select the family member and download from there. That is if the developer has allowed it to be shared and the family member didn't hide the purchase. If you go directly to the app itself, you will be asked to buy it.

    The purchases are actually owned by the family member who bought it so it's kind of like you are borrowing it. All in-app purchases made after you get the app from a family member, are purchased under your account and are owned by you. If they leave the family, you will need to purchase the app to update it And hopefully the developer allows restoration of purchases.

    It is possible to share an Apple ID for the iTunes and App Store and have your own Apple ID's to use for iCloud and Messages.
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    Yep - like the post above says, you need to set up different Apple ID's. I always think the nomenclature was poorly implemented. They should have used the term Apple ID and iTunes ID.

    Each member needs their own Apple ID. This ensures that they have separate iMessage, FaceTime and iCloud accounts. (and prevents the other receiving messages issue).

    Under iTunes you can use the same account. That allows you to share purchases. You also have to share the password...but being as it's your dad, I'm assuming this wouldn't be an issue.

    For example at our house we have 4 Apple ID's


    and one iTunes ID


    My kids are teens, so they have the password to get purchases. When they were younger I would enter it for them.

    We all have access to purchases made with the iTunes ID.

    Under Family Sharing, I would have to approve each individual request (and update). And the purchases would not be shared.

    Because it's Apple and called Family Sharing, I think a lot of people thought it would be an easier and more intuitive way to share. But it didn't turn out to be the case.
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    Jul 3, 2013
    Thanks for this, I am just going to have them totally separate. He can afford to rebuy a few apps :).
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    Mantan is right. This is the set up in my home.

    Settings > iCloud
    Set up their iCloud account that is unique on each device

    Settings > iTunes & App Store
    Set up the unified pay account that is the same on each device that you've been buying from the whole time.

    That simple.

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