Family sharing purchases do not show up in iTunes Match on the main master ID.

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    I enabled family sharing and purchased an app and some videos using a child's account that was created just for family sharing. The main ID that I use for family sharing is my own iTunes ID that I have used for years. I was under the impression that upon purchasing an item, it would transfer back to my main master Apple ID. Then, I would be able to see the purchases and re-download them on the master ID, including seeing them on iTunes Match on the master ID. (I know that child account doesn't work with iTunes match, what I'm saying is that upon purchasing a video on the child's account, I thought it would appear in iTunes match on my own main account.)

    However, it is not working that way. Purchases made using this child's family sharing ID do not transfer back to my master Apple ID. They don't appear in my own iTunes match, or in my own purchase history. This is a problem for the way I manage my family's purchases.

    For instance, if my kid asks to buy a video on his iPad and I approve it, then the purchase will only be tied to his account, and it won't appear as a purchase on the Apple TV that we all use. I can't very well log into the Apple TV on his account, or we won't see all my purchases on there.

    Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Apple support hasn't responded to me for over a week.
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    I think you have it figured out correctly. Purchases will made on your child's account will only show up in the sharing menu on other family members' devices. Other family members can download the purchases (if they're shareable--not all are), but they'll never show as their own purchases. I don't have Apple TV so I can't comment on it. Perhaps it will be updated soon to allow the usage of shared purchases.

    A better solution for your family now seems to be for you to make requested purchases on your own device first, then share them.
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    No, each purchase belongs to the account of the family member that purchased it. Personally, I like this better, since I don't want the kids' content to clutter up my own library.
    You should be able to access each family member's content on the ATV under Movies/Purchased/Family Sharing (you need the most recent firmware version for that).

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