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    Hi all.....

    I thought of starting to use Family Sharing, only to be told by Apple, it won't work with iTunes Match... Family Sharing must be local..

    However, this, in theory, would the following work ?

    - iTunes Match is enabled, and so it iCloud. Family sharing is sett up on your Account in via iOS (basically still logging in to your account and enable it via checkbox/option)

    - So the music studio's won't start freaking out about music sharing, Apple could impose a "spotify-like" solution.... The owner when they stream, would be exempted for this since they are the one paying for Match, but all others using family sharing, any streaming they do from the owners account, you pay oyal fees per stream to their device(s)..

    That way, everyone wins. Apple's happy, users of Family sharing are happy, and the music studios are still happy since they get the royalties from streamed Family-sharing devices..

    While Apple may not like to think of them as such, that's where it's headed. so why only restrict Family sharing to local only ?
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    Jul 24, 2008
    The lack of its match excluded from family sharing is also very annoying to me since it's restricted to only my Apple ID, so unless I sign into my partners devices with my match then I'm stuck!

    What they could do is allow icloud match across family sharing but require a match subscription from each person maybe

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