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May 12, 2015
Manhattan Beach, CA
my MPB 16 gets warm and choppy when I use it on my bed. for some reason messenger has these terrible typing delays and choppy scrolls like im using a 1992 computer. Can I run a fan control app constantly because I see the fans dont kick up until the temperature gets a bit high? which app is best for Big Sur?


Apr 29, 2018
the PNW
Fans are a mechanical device so I assume using them at the highest RPMs would cause them additional ware and possibly lead to them needing to be replaced sooner, but I have never had a fan stop working on me so I cannot say for sure.

I have my 2014 mini's fan running at 2400 RPMs constantly because it runs Folding@home and I want the CPU to remain coolish. I will increase my 2018 mini's fan to 3400 RPM if I am running a CPU intensive game, but I always set it back to Auto when I am done.

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