Fan Controller for PMG5

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gavinstubbs09, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Another post regarding a 2.7GHz G5! Only this time there is a slight annoyance. It's quiet but when I open a program the fans love to ramp up, so I was wondering if there is a program that actually works with the G5. I'd like to keep it at a higher than quiet fan setting, but enough to where it won't sound like a jet preparing for takeoff over and over again.
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    There isn't a program like SMCfancontrol for G5s. You can however edit the fan control ktext to adjust ramp up.
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    had a dually 1.8 and had the same problem. quiet untill is wasn't and then holy hell the fans are going to explode!?! there was no in between.

    i never found a software fan control fix. tried lots of things from 10.4 through the end of 10.5 and have nothing to add. i had to jump to intel due to work requirements, but was planning to use a hardware mod to fix it.

    hope you find something that works. best of luck.

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