Fan experts: source for replacement Quicksilver CPU fan?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fhturner, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I've got a couple of dual processor Power Mac G4 Quicksilvers with failed or failing CPU fans. I'm doing lots of searching, but there isn't much around that I can find, and what I have found is usually used. If I'm going to replace it and spend at least $15 on a machine that's worth < $100, I'd rather have a new fan so I don't have to do it again before the whole thing dies.

    Wondered if anyone had suggestions on locating new replacement fans for these guys. The original Sunon fan p/n and specs are:

    KDE1206PTV1 MS.AS
    60mm x 60mm x 25mm
    2-pin connector on cable approx. 3.75" long from housing (including connector)

    DigiKey shows fans similar to this in the "obsolete" category. And this link seemed promising, but turns out to be from overseas and used condition:

    Might there be suitable, newer alternatives w/ different part #s that would be interchangeable?

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    I used a bGears b blaster. But my fan was 80mm, not 60mm.

    The 80mm hits 3500rpm and clears 62CFM. bGears has a really good fan here in my opinion.
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    When you search for "KDE1206PTV1 MS.AS" on Digikey, the result you get is KDE1206PTV1.MS.A.GN.

    KDE = Axial DC Ventilator with VAPO bearing
    12 = 12V
    06 = 60 MM
    P = Standard Frame Material
    T = 25 MM Frame Depth
    1 = High Speed
    MS = Maglev Design
    A = Auto Restart
    GN = RoHS Compliant
    S = Sleeve Bearing

    But the main problem is we don't know the CFM of the KDE1206PTV1 MS.AS and it's not presented in Sunon's public database. Maybe even the "AS" here is not about Auto Restart/Sleeve Bearing but "Apple's Specific" :p

    I think the QS's fan has a higher CFM than the KDE1206PTV1.MS.A.GN because it consumes significantly more power (2.2W vs 1.7W). So, to be safe, I would choose a more powerful fan than the KDE1206PTV1.MS.A.GN. Fortunately you can gauge it from CPUs' temperature.
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    Thanks for the suggestions and info, y'all! Found some add'l info at the Apple Forums here:

    It appears the flow of the original is 23.5CFM. Also, w/ the help of Mayer on my matching iFixit post, I looked for the actual Apple p/n (922-4580) of the original. Found a used example here:

    Still would like to find a new one or something close enough that's new, if the cost isn't prohibitive. for this, I'll do a little searching on DigiKey, but I'm still no expert at what I'll find. If you figure it out, please let us know!

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    So hard to first get a compatible fan, then try to find one that will ship in small quantity and in a reasonable timeframe! Found one at DigiKey that looked like an option, but it was minimum of 30 and not shipping until December. I did find this one, though:

    Any thoughts on that? It is:


    The Apple thread above (as well as for this' post) compares power draw between fans. Since the original draws 2.2W, this one would be considerably less. However, the airflow is the same 23.5CFM. Perhaps better fan design/technology compared to 15+ years ago means the same cooling ability w/ less power draw?

    At $8.44, I'm tempted to give this a try. Any reason this wouldn't work? My only concern would be the bare wire ends... How am I going to terminate that properly?

  5. RhianB, Oct 11, 2016
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    The failing CPU fans - have you tried rehabilitating them with a ptfe lubricant? I did this to my QS processor fan & it is once again silent & moving air freely. It did take a few days for the lubricant to work its way in fully but it did ultimately eliminate any audible strain, chatter or noise. I was impressed with the result actually. I have since done this to the CPU fan, the 140mm case fan, and additional 60mm fans with great results (both airflow and fan noise).

    Since you have a broken fan, perhaps snipping off the plug + some lead from the broken unit & soldering it to the new fan's leads would work for you. That or if you're uncomfortable with soldering or are unsure which is +/-, you could use some solder-free twist connectors. To aid with airflow through the dual 1ghz cpu & gpu heat sinks I added two 60mm fans (salvaged from a Maddog HDD cooler) via a molex splitter - one connected to the side of the CPU heat sink (opposite of the oem fan) & another directly on top of the GPU heat sink. They're rated at 20cfm each and do a good job of quietly moving additional air away from hardware in an aging machine. Pic below.
    QSG4 extra fans.jpg
    If it were me, I'd buy the used fans as they're to spec (no guessing), give it a dose of ptfe, and let er' rip. Best of luck to you.
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    I've read that thread before replying here. Actually the CFM of the original fan is still unknown. What that link contained was just the specs of the KDE1206PTV1 MS.A.GN.

    It's also worth noting that the "AS" code of the original fan has no dot in between, like MS.A.GN. If it was to mean Auto Restart and Sleeve Bearing, it should have been written as A.S. So the "AS" should be treated as a whole. But there is no AS listed in Sunon's terminology.

    The more power draw may be not for increasing the CFM but to get better torque or static pressure rating. Because the fan has to draw air in through those little holes on the back panel.

    Noctua NF A6x25 FLX is nice but its static pressure rating is too low after converting the mm/H2O to inch/H2O.

    I would choose a fan with a better airflow than 23.5 CFM and static pressure rating better than 0.21 inch/H2O. Try looking at other places like amazon, etc.

    On the other hand, if your CPUs' temperature has never gotten high (never exceeded...say 133°F), then your room temperature allows using a less powerful fan and the MB60251V1-000U-A99 may be OK, or even better than the original fan which is currently not in a good shape.

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