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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by voodoomailman, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Hi.... I have a first generation macbook pro and lately the fan has been making some horrible noises. I opened it up and blew some of the dust off... that did not fix the problem. My fans are running at about 3700 rpms and my cpu temp is around 60 C. Is this problem definitely one of the fans? Or could it be something else? What should I do? My computer sounds like it wants to explode. I've attached a sound file of it. Many thanks!

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    This is actually the Mac Pro forum, the big silver desktop Apple makes.

    I heard your sound file, and father's Macbook Air used to make the same noise. I opened up his MBA, took the noisy fan apart, dusted the fan blades, and put oil on the bushings(oil on bushing is the most important part). I'm not sure if the MBP fan can be taken apart like the MBA fan, if not, you can buy a replacement fan for the MBP online I believe.

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