Fan Noise on AppleTV 2 running with XBMC?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Blazer5913, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Hello all,
    just a quick question for those of you with a JB ATV2 running XBMC (assuming from a shared NAS with your media content on it). I currently have an older 2007 (pre-unibody) MacBook Pro that has been completely erased and solely has the media center features installed, such as Handbrake, Plex, VLC, ect. But everytime I get the thing up and running with Plex, before an HD video even starts, the fans are ROARING, always just below 6000rpm. So annoying. The machine plays the videos with absolutely no problem or stuttering (1080p included), but just so loud! So I was thinking of spending the extra 100 bucks, grabbing an ATV2 running XBMC, if I can get this working properly at a low "fan volume"? So what are your experiences with this? Im assuming with today's modern technology vs. 2007, the fans would be much more manageable. And as for the MacBook Pro, I would simply use it as my "content provider" if you will for my media haha, and just wirelessly transfer my content from the MBP to the NAS 2TB HDD. Thanks guys
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    NAS, AppleTV2, XBMC = The Way To Go...

    No Fan noise.. Except a little bit from your NAS box once in a while, but you can relocate the NAS somewhere in your house where you won't hear it. ;)

    It's not really prime time yet - jb on AppleTV2 requires patience and persistence, and be prepared to hook your macbook pro up to your ATV2 whenever the power is cut to your ATV2, or whenever there is a crash because it requires a tethered boot at the moment.

    If you're patient, and tech savy, the rewards are amazing with this setup. :) And you can make your NAS your content provider too, you just need the right NAS (such as a ReadyNAS Duo) and use either newsgroups or torrents.
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    The new Apple TV has no fan, hard drive, or any moving parts inside. Therefore it is completely silent. It's like an iPhone or iPod touch.

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