Fan turning on


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Apr 19, 2005
I have a powerbook 17 inch... Everyone always talks about the fan turning on too long or turning off too long. Is the fan noise loud or quite??? I don't think I have ever herd my fan turn on, but I have not been trying to listen for it either. Is this normal... really quite fan???


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Mar 20, 2005
Do you leave your computer on for long periods of time? If the fan wasn't turning on I think you would notice it either getting really hot or having some type of panic and turning off. Download a temperature monitoring program and see how hot it's running after a few hours or so of being on. Then you can get someone else that says their fans turn on alot to also do this and compare. Also, you could thing about making a trip to an apple store and simply asking them. I'm sure they know what to listen for.

Good luck!