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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Nr123*123, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Jul 1, 2014
    Some of you may be aware of my recent difficulties with my Late 2013 15" Retina. In short, I had some issues which were perhaps made worse when Apple tried to rectify them.

    I rang the store on Monday and the manager agreed to order a brand new machine for me. Bear in mind, my machine was now 7 months old.

    As it was built to order (base spec + 16GB RAM), it would take a while for Apple HQ to deliver it to the store. I went to collect my new machine today and to my surprise it is the top spec model with all the options. The manager double checked this was for me and sure enough it was. So they have added almost £1K onto the price tag.

    Thank you Apple. Great turnaround on the customer service.

    Things I have noticed going from my 2.0/16/256 to my new 2.6/16/1TB:

    The SSD is MUCH faster, the old one was around 600 on read and write, this one is 900mb. The computer just feels more responsive and it loads much quicker. This is a like for like comparison with my old one as I migrated the information.

    The laptop is getting VERY hot, I didn't experience this with my old one. The keys are hot to the touch. This could be the discrete GPU, I would like to turn this off unless it helps with day to day stuff?

    The keyboard feels slightly raised in comparison, though the keyboards are meant to be the same. The keys feel better (albeit hot) to press. As someone who types a lot I appreciate this new keyboard.

    Although I would have liked the refreshed Mac that is imminent, I would rather have the high spec Late 2013 than base spec Late 2014. I can't complain.

    Happy Computing :apple:

    Oh and a full 12 months of AppleCare again :D
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    Jun 16, 2014
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    Glad they took care of you:)

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