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Discussion in 'iPad' started by chriscl, Sep 19, 2014.

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    Just thought I'd post this; I have an iPad Air, bought from the Covent Garden Apple Store on "launch day" last November.

    It's been a constant companion since then, and has worked flawlessly up until a couple of weeks ago.

    The battery indicator seemed to get "stuck" at 100%, even after ten hours or so of use, which was odd, I thought. Rebooting the iPad brought the battery counter to (what seemed to be) a correct level.

    However, a couple of days later, the counter dropped to 1%, and wouldn't charge any higher, and the iPad shut down if I tried to use it on battery (worked OK on mains AC though).

    Took it to the Apple store in Sheffield-Meadowhall on a Sunday lunchtime, it was packed, but they fitted me in (only had to wait 15 minutes), a Genius ran a diagnostic, confirmed the battery was dead (the diag reported "N/A" against the battery, which apparently means that the battery has left the building!).

    "No problem" says the Genius "we'll just swap it for a new one". And off he went, coming back in a couple of minutes with a brand new (Week 34, 2014 - August) iPad Air, which he handed over, then said "feel free to use our Wifi to restore from iCloud and set it up to make sure you're happy" which I then proceeded to do.

    All told, I was in and out of the store in under half an hour.

    I'm extremely happy with the service from Apple!
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    Glad this worked out well.

    But really there should be no need for celebration that Apple did what it should do and what virtually every other company would do as normal.

    If you'd bought it from Argos, or Currys or any other store and showed/told them about a fault that had been there since day one, then you should be offered a new replacement.

    It's what you'd expect.

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