Fantastic customer experience at the Apple store in Milton Keynes.


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Nov 18, 2009
Hello all,

I felt obliged to sign up to Macrumors to tell you all of my great experience with the Apple retail store. I purchased a Macbook Air back in June of this year and was very happy until the hinge gave way after about a week and I had it replaced at the Apple store in Bluewater (the original purchase store).

Soon after the same thing happened on my replacement and this time I took it to the APR that I then worked at, great expressed service, came back still broken. It went away again for the third time and came back fixed.

Then I moved towards Milton Keynes, soon after moving another hinge went. I was pretty frustrated but I built up a good rapport with the staff their and they took kindly to myself and really went out of their way to help. So on the Monday just passed the hinge went for the last time. I called customer relation's and calmly explained my predicament, the advisor simply said "what can we do to resolve this issue?" and I replied "replace my computer." And his response, "not a problem" he called Milton Keynes as I couldn't and didn't want to drive to Kent. They said they would take the hit and I waltzed on in and they replaced it there and then and gave me a brand new Macbook Air complete with a new Applecare agreement.

What can I say other than bravo Apple, this is why their products cost so much because you get the continuing support that many companies have not yet mastered. Moreover the Genius was great, checked the notes and didn't in anyway try to worm out of the situation.

I highly commend both Apple Corporate and their Retail sector.


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Dec 15, 2007
I had the same experience here in the US. My Rev B ssd hard drive failed, they kept the machine for a week, got it back and went to install SL and the Air died. Brought it back to the store and they asked me to wait an hour so they could diagnose the problem. Went and had lunch, came back and they wanted to keep it overnight. I asked to see a manger, complained and they brought a brand new Rev C 2.13 boxed and all, gave it to me and extended the Applecare for 3 years from that day. No questions asked. I have been with Apple for awhile, looks like I'm not changing any time soon.:D

Love my Rev C BTW. Nice subtle improvement from my Rev B.



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Jan 10, 2008
Good to hear. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning to get my floppy hinge, clicking hard drive and kernel_task issues looked at. I'd love to be able to just walk out with a Rev. B, but don't have my hopes up.


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Sep 18, 2009
Good to hear. I purchased my MBA in July but the track button had problems around beginning of october. I took it in and they put on a new top unit but then the trackpad no longer functioned. I took it back and they immediately replaced with a brand new Rev C. However, the backlight on this replacement was uneven towards the bottom, I took it back the day after and got yet another replacement and they even extended my applecare to reflect the new date of ownership.

This is the Copley Apple Store in Boston, just to give them a shout out.

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