Farm Game


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Apr 24, 2010
We Farm was released in Canada last month I think, been playing for a week now and it's fun. Just like We Rule, so if you like that you'll like this one as well. There is not as much selection as We Rule but hopefully they will add more as time goes on. Also the game is much more hands on. You have to "pet" your animals to raise their happiness level so that they will win a blue ribbon at the fair, then they are able to take orders from other players. Haven't been able to win a blue ribbon as yet without using "Gro", this games version of Mojo, which you're given plenty of at the beginning but now I'm starting to run short. :(
For anyone that decides to give it a go add me "nickali9597"


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Jun 19, 2010
Just downloaded We Farm. Fun as it's similar to we rule...if anyone wants a neighbor feel free to add me. (sprty)