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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by jayb2000, Jun 1, 2007.

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    I am looking for a workflow app or image DB that will let me sort through several thousand photos based on exif data.
    Any suggestions?
    I know I have duplicates, so if I could do a sort by EXIF time, that would let me find those more quickly.

    Heck I would love a program that would do that for me, but even just sorting would be nice.

    Anyone know if ACDsee will do that? Or iView?
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    Doesn't Lightroom already let you do that?

    When I was using it, before I saw the benefits of Aperture, one of the nice features was that I was able to select pictures taken with a particular camera, lens, and whathave you. I don't have it installed on my G5 in front of me, but I thought you could some fairly extensive searches through your EXIF. You can scream at me if I'm wrong.
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    Photo Mechanic may let you do this, too. I don't know, as that's not the way I use that program, but EXIF data is available when you first open your images (thumbnails) in the program and there are a variety of ways of sorting....

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